Xebia Blog: Create the smallest possible Docker container

Creating the smallest possible Docker container is simple. There is a standard base image available called scratch. However, if you want to do something with the scratch container, you need to provide it with an executable that has no dependencies. This blog post explains how to create such an executable using GoLang. It also describes how to control Docker from withun Docker and how to create a Docker container that creates a Docker container.

Available in stores now: Essential App Engine

My first book is now available in book stores - Essential App Engine.

OrientDB: Connecting, writing and reading data

In my last post, I made a quick comparison of the performance of OrientDB, MongoDB and CouchDB. Since then, I received some requests for source code. Readers seemed most interested in OrientDB. This might be explained by the fact that there already is a lot of information available on MongoDB. The attention for MongoDB is understandable. It is a great and efficient product.

MongoDB, CouchDB and OrientDB - a quick comparison

There are many NoSQL databases, each with their own specific purpose and characteristics. This week, my colleagues and I have been looking for a database that helps store a set of simple JSON documents without a lot of hassle and overhead.

Google Search Appliance for Structured Data

Today was the go-live for ANWB's new Car Portal. The main application we call "Search & Compare". Even if you don't speak dutch, you should be able to try it on http://www.anwb.nl/auto and click on the banner in the upper left of the screen. (or go directly to this link)

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